Our offices in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, and Pune are home to a passionate group of UX experts, digital designers, strategists, and UI developers. This multidisciplinary team delivers beautiful, meaningful, and sustainable experiences for clients of all sizes, from early age start-ups to established Fortune 500 organizations.

Leveraging a unique, client-centric team structure, we focus on B2B solutions in automotive and mobility, telecom, energy, insurance, education, and healthcare. We also specialize in B2C solutions for banking and financial services, consumer products, travel, and retail.

With over 120 members from around the globe, this diverse team exemplifies Huemen’s rich culture. From engaging collaboration spaces to extracurricular team building activities, we believe in constantly sharing experiences and stimulating creativity.

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We work across disciplines, around the globe, to unlock a brand’s true potential.


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