JBL Portable Family

With unprecedented playback time, our next generation of JBL portable wireless speakers offers a greater surround sound experience with an intuitive usage, a solid range of products designed for a JBL user.

The JBL user owns a unique lifestyle, he is on top of our mind when designing a range of portables, a social, easy to carry, intuitive layout ready to play in multiple and diverse scenarios.


The Challenge

The JBL portable speakers product line is a large family of products with a common purpose, serve the JBL user in a situation when needs an easily transported speaker. The product follows the user wherever needs to go, compact and relative light weight comes in multiple shape and sizes, perfect to be adapt to every situation.

Create a coherent and cohesive layout across the product line, being able to create a specific approach for every user case. Keeping it harmonious and simple for the user to adapt no matter what size or use case are in. Working with a constantly evolving connectivity technology that brings new improvements generation after generation.


Our Approach

Designing a product is a journey, defined by a methodic process based on understanding JBL user’s needs, observing scenarios, learning from the market with the goal of ideating concept directions for further development.

Using signature fabrics, durables matching with JBL user’s lifestyle. Design a simple yet authentic button layout, with tactile and accessible surfaces to highlight the main functions, easy to differentiate when enjoying your listening experience.


Using a companion app as a natural extension to enhance the user experience, and leverage it as a tool to maximise the potential of the product, allowing users to switch key settings and reinventing their interactions with light.

We take the opportunity to implement new and valuable features and as an extension to provide a personalised product experience, the user can make this own unique listening and visual experience.


The key element to design a well-rounded JBL portable speakers line is ultimately analyze in depth scenarios and use cases, observe and learn from the users, or literally become the user. Then translating the needs into strengths through the work on the design. We get closer to the user, that is proud of owning their products and expressing themselves thought it with passion.

“Simplicity and Authenticity, are the two values that we always keep in mind”


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