Building on AKG’s decades of breakthroughs in audio technology, the N-series flaunts its acoustic expertise by delivering pure studio quality sound. The device’s perfect combination of stunning design and natural, undistorted sound immerses the listeners in every detail of every track.


The Challenge

N-series is a balance between technology, ergonomics, user needs, and design, delivering the best sound experience. Great care is taken in finding the right amount of contrast, helping highlight each material, color, and finish.


Our Approach

For the N-series, the focus is on color research and strategy around mature and well-established color schemes. Easy to craft, robust and malleable, metal is often used for AKG N-series products – a material that allows a large range of precise and high-quality details, giving the overall product a premium look and feel with high-end surface treatment and high definition details.


N-Series incorporates high end, timeless design with features that maximize comfort and convenience like tangle-free fabric cables, soft ear tips and stainless steel housings. The in-ear series features a rounded housing that follows the ear’s natural anatomy for a comfortable fit in every situation.

“High end, timeless design with features that maximize comfort & convenience.”