A Strategic Partnership:

Huemen Named Iptor's Agency On Record

Huemen is excited to announce our partnership with Iptor, a global leader in enterprise resource planning, logistics and planning software and services, and supply chain management.

As their Agency On Record, our partnership with Iptor includes both technology development and extensive user experience work. This will form the key elements of the upcoming Iptor DC1 v12, its flagship ERP solution for distribution companies, as Iptor puts user interface and experience at the heart of all future solution development.

Our partnership and Iptor’s continued technology investments mark another important element in the on-going, successful execution of Iptor’s 22 strategic growth plan, driving towards a full cloud and leading User Experience for Distribution, Pharma, and Publishing businesses. This follows Iptor’s new ownership structure and positive momentum in its cloud solutions and services, with FY20 subscription growth of more than 60% despite difficult COVID-19 market conditions.

Some of the design developments to be adopted in Iptor DC1 v12 will be a new intuitive UI with graphical widgets for Business Intelligence and analytics; new cloud apps for Iptor 1 Pharma; and a landing page as single-entry point for users comprising business insight, workflow, networking and social collaboration. The partnership will also form the basis of the new product suite development towards Robotic Support, Process Automation, Industry 4.0 and Social Collaboration.

“Intuitive, immersive, and meaningful design is vital for a superb user experience,” comments Christopher Catterfeld, Iptor Managing Partner. “The days of endless training, effort and cost for users to understand their ERP and supply chain software are a relic of the past. Business software should be as easy as using the best social media platform for the first time in terms of intuitive handling and experience. Working with [Huemen] will help us provide this for our customers and enable even faster and more agile delivery of our point solutions.”

“As we continue to strive to bring our customers the best user experience, we are thankful for our partnership with Iptor,” said Mohan Krishnaraj, VP and Global Head of User Experience at Huemen. “The ongoing collaboration between Huemen and Iptor allows us to provide top-notch, efficient solutions and business software that is user friendly and simple to use for all customers.”

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