Neurolign Industrial Design

Neurolign Industrial Design

The challenge

Huemen brings innovative product concepts to life through meaningful, human-centric design. We’re proud to collaborate with neuroscience giant Neurolign to develop a first-of-its-kind brain training system. Designed by Huemen, this device attaches to a smartphone and tracks eye movement against targets, providing the user with custom brain training exercises.

Industrial Design Renderings

The Huemen Solution

The biggest challenge our team faced was to design a product that would overcome preconceived limitations associated with cell phone accessories. After extensive user research we decided on a solution that prioritizes usability above all else, and we used that insight to guide our industrial design process. In the end, we delivered a compact and intuitive medical-grade product that the client and their customers love.

Final device renderings
Industrial Design Sketches and Renderings From The Design Process

Working with Huemen Team has been a critical factor in helping us to rapidly iterate to define our product direction.”

-Teek (Prateek Dwivedi)
CTO, Neurolign

Full Expanded Rendering of The Final Product

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