JBL Digital AR Experience

Developing a new standard for the online shopping experience

JBLDigital AR Experience

Developing a new standard for the online shopping experience

Our client, HARMAN International, was looking for a way to enhance customers’ online shopping experiences with augmented reality (AR) technology and 3D capabilities for two of their consumer audio brands, JBL and InfinityLab.

HARMAN asked Huemen to develop a cost-efficient, hyper-realistic and interactive 3D product visualization tool for these key e-commerce sites. This platform would give users the opportunity to interact with each brand’s full range of products, without heading to a brick-and-mortar store.

Our team was able to implement this new platform by designing hyper-realistic 3D digital replicas of our client’s products, allowing users to interact and preview products at home through AR.

Using augmented reality to digitally experience an accurate size of the JBL product line in real time.

The challenge

The key to the success of this project was to establish a new production pipeline process for 3D assets. We needed to deliver highly optimized 3D assets that also fit web-performance requirements. In addition, we were tasked with designing and programing this advanced software product, all in-house. The Huemen 3D/AR platform is the first commercial software product created by leveraging only in-house experts. .

Our thinking

While working through the discovery process, the team developed its solution around these requirements:

  • Increase 3D asset quality and speed of production at large scale.
  • Develop a smooth and engaging user experience without any software bugs or experience gaps.
  • Create an ultra-fast system performance for all platforms and browsers.
  • Provide an easily scalable and cost-efficient solution.
Using AR technology to make the online shopping experience more engaging, allowing users to “try out” JBL products in real environments.

The result

Our efforts resulted in an online shopping experience that gives consumers a closer look at key product design features and allows them to “try out” products in real environments. Both e-commerce platforms now provide an intuitive and immersive shopping experience while boosting product engagement and conversion. The interactive 3D/AR web player has brought consumers a new way to experience our tech prior to purchasing. On top of consumer satisfaction and a conversion rate increase, the web player also reduced the marketing materials production cost by giving HARMAN the ability to cut ties with several external agencies and utilize Huemen as an in-house resource.

When redesigning the JBL website, Huemen incorporated the use of QR codes to allow a user to virtually experience JBL’s products in real time on their mobile device.

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