HARMAN Ignite:In-Vehicle Experience

Huemen is proud to be recognized for our design of HARMAN Ignite’s In-Vehicle Experience. This product design received an honorable mention in the Mobility category of Fast Company’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards.

Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards is an annual program that recognizes world class designs and design ideas.

Nominees are evaluated by an expert panel from the design industry based on key aspects of innovation like functionality, originality, sustainability, user insight and cultural and business impact.



The HARMAN Ignite Store is a connected vehicle platform which offers vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) to manage and operate an in-vehicle App Store, connecting consumers to their favorite content, strengthening stickiness and loyalty.

With this smart, seamless and scalable approach, OEMs can realize lucrative digital revenue via new business models and revenue streams while creating a stand-out experience for drivers.

HARMAN Ignite is an automotive digital ecosystem that brings the benefits of connected life into the vehicle. Some of its most notable benefits include:

  • Scalable

    : Supports a growing catalog of third-party apps while continually integrating with industry-leading solutions.
  • Flexible

    : Portrays content in various formats, layout sizes and contexts.
  • Valuable

    : Helps keep drivers informed and focused while keeping passengers engaged and entertained using portable apps and services.
  • Staying connected on the road

    : Apps and services are easily managed on the cloud and can be maintained on a mobile phone via the companion app.
  • Keeping things familar

    : Provides standardized experiences for a glanceable interface across multiple streaming services.
  • Voice-first experience

    : Provides a safe, non-visual mode of input in the car by integrating an intelligent assistant that prioritizes context so drivers and passengers can accomplish more in the car. The voice assistant can recommend apps and services based on requests, needs, history, time of day and more.

Read more about the Ignite platform here

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