• 3D AR Platform In A World Tested by The Pandemic Customer Expectations Have Evolved

The demand for immersive experiences and their role in society is growing daily. Extended Reality (XR) is a global phenomenon driving strategic change on how people will interact, collaborate, and explore the environments around them.

Today Extended Reality (XR) technologies like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are already applied in the industries, of transportation, tourism, education, retail, gaming, healthcare, and soon will be integrated everywhere.

What is Extended Reality?

Extended Reality (XR) is a broad term used to describe immersive technologies that blur the line between the physical and virtual world. These technologies provide custom and real time experiences through a combination of audio and visuals.

Our Philosophy

At Huemen our team of strategists, researchers and designers are continually forecasting the future of design — delivering end-to-end immersive solutions to empower our clients and create meaningful experiences.

As leaders in UX development, designing for excellence is simply what we do. We understand the digital innovation that is exploding at the interface between people and the digital world. And we aim to deliver design solutions that are innovative, practical, and successful.

In A World Tested by The Pandemic Customer Expectations Have Evolved

Recognize Inflection Points and Innovate to Survive Them

Today conventional digital engagement is saturated and no longer enough, users now crave more immersive and meaningful experiences. This fundamental shift requires a fresh approach and the awareness that the industry is at an inflection point that can make or break business growth.

Driving A New Standard for The Online Shopping Experience

After months of rigorous development and testing - Huemen worked with Harman to launch an interactive web 3D & AR platform for JBL and InfinityLabs E-Commerce business. This platform allows users to interact with products in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) directly through the client's website — providing an intuitive and immersive shopping experience, boosting product engagement, and conversion.

Our team was able to implement this new platform by designing hyper-realistic 3D digital replicas of our clients' products — allowing users to interact and preview products in their own environment through Augmented Reality (AR).

In A World Tested by The Pandemic Customer Expectations Have Evolved

XR Is the Future

Ultimately XR is the future of design, and the future belongs to those who innovate and rethink their go-to-market approach. Partnering with the right industry experts and crafting seamless digital experiences will help you uncover your competitive edge. Our platform is tested and scalable, so we would love to learn what you are working on and be a trusted partner to integrate XR into your strategy.

In A World Tested by The Pandemic Customer Expectations Have Evolved

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Huemen Design is a leading global design agency that delivers meaningful, holistic, and human-centric experiences to give clients a competitive advantage. Huemen is a 200+ global team of the world's greatest problem solvers, strategists, thinkers, researchers and designers. Working as a thought leader and client partner, Huemen serves three key markets: Mobility, Consumer Products, and Digital Transformation Services. Based in New York City with six global anchor studios, Huemen leads and delivers world-class design research, multi-discipline product design and brand communications design for a broad range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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About Our Expert
Alexander Efimov

Alexander Efimov Director HMI & Future Experience Huemen, Garching

At Huemen, Alexander manages a multidisciplinary team of expert Researchers, UI UX designers, 3D artists, and Software developers — who explore future trends and innovative technologies. This team works to identify and implement technologies that will create the best digital transformation for our clients.

We work across disciplines, around the globe, to unlock a brand's true potential.


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